Vogelaar Electronics

For metrology and software


Vogelaar Electronics was founded in 1972 to provide first class independent support for designing and building industrial measurement and control equipment. The company has grown steadely ever since, and now offers a wide range of services to a growing list of customers world-wide, including many household names in the aerospace, automotive, railway and agriculture industries. The export side of the company's business is also growing fast, and we now have authorised agents in several countries in the EU.

We can assist you in and taking care of designing and manufacturing electronic measurement and control equipment for industrial applications. Examples are:

This is a low cost and low power consuming microprocessor controlled fan controller with an adjustable timer. It is directly supplied from 230 VAC and complies with all CE standards. It directly switches the fan motor. The production batches are 100% tested and coated to prevent corrosion.

The DelphiController and DelphiStamp are tools to assist in the development of firmware for microcontrollers. It is an ideal kit to enter the world of industrial control for high level programmers used to write Pascal, Delphi and Lazarus applications. It is also a valuable tool for students as it combines real electronics and programming and it is a good starting point for engineers using AVR processors to become familiar with Pascal and Assembly programming. More...

We use a very customer friendly method for designing firmware. First a simulator is built for a PC platform. After customer's approval it is recompiled for the destination controller. The simulation software can be used for presentations, monitoring and remote control purposes. We supply custom made software to provide dataloggers, databases and reporting facilities all interacting with external hardware. This software can run under MS-Windows and Linux.

We are specialized in metrology using following techniques: Air Gauging, analogue Lasers, and sensors as manufactured by Mitutoyo using the Digimatic and Quadrature protocol. We have a full range of sensors and equipment available for desk-top applications and for integrating into machines.

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