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The VE08201 DelphiStamp is a 14.7 MHz RISC plug-in controller based on the Atmel ATMega128 processor with 128 kByte Flash memory on board for program storage, 4 kByte of RAM for variable storage and 4 kByte of EePRom for parameter storage.

Other features include : XTAL oscillator, hardware watchdog, separate RS323 and RS485 interfaces, I2C interface for I/O expansion, low drop voltage regulator, 10 bit analog to digital converters, programmable gain amplifiers, PWM outputs, 4 timers, 25 + 5 universal I/O lines, 2 Led's, 2 three position DIP switches, brown-out detection, sleep modi, hardware multiplier, modulator, etc.

Delphi and its IDE is used to write the firmware for the DelphiStamp. It is also used to simulate the hardware connected to the DelphiStamp. The firmware can be tested and debugged within Delphi. After cross compilation of the Delphi units through the PasAvr compiler AVR object code is generated. The DelphiStamp BIOS contains a boot loader. Using this loader and the RS232 interface the firmware is transferred from the PC to the DelphiStamp. An optional AVR assembler is included to write time critical procedures as used in interrupts.

From the 128 kByte Flash memory a protected area of 8 kByte is separated to contain the BIOS. The BIOS provides for :

  • Drivers for standard hardware like LCD, stepper motor etc. as implemented on the VE09201 evaluation board.
  • I/O server to control standard hardware in the interface mode.
  • The Mon485 monitor server for uploading firmware and real time R/W access to RAM, EeProm, Flash and registers.

Typical applications for the DelphiStamp are:
  • An intelligent interface controlled from a Delphi program.
  • A stand-alone controller designed under Delphi.
  • A stand-alone controller with remote control through a delphi program.
  • A quick design tool voor AVR applications.
For the Delphistamp we developed some expansion and evaluation boards:
  • VE09201 Evaluation board with LCD display, stepperdrive led's etc.
  • VE09203 Enhanced Evaluation board with additional servo motor controller.
  • VE08202 Ethenet interface.
  • VE02440 I2C interface with themperature sensor.
More detailed information is available as pdf document:
Data sheet DelphiStamp  
Datasheet Evaluation board  
Datasheet Evaluation board II  
Datasheet Ethernet module  
Datasheet I2C extender  
Datasheet Temp sensor VE02440  
Users manual 16-10-2005  
DelphiStamp as interface  
Stand alone applications  
Remote control    
Device drivers  
Remark : at the moment we are translating and preparing all documents in English.